Globalization and Catholicity: Ecumenical Conversations on God’s Abundance and the People’s Need

Edited by Marsha L. Dutton with Emily K. Stuckey (Beiheft zu Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift 100; Bern: Stämpfli, 2010)


Contents 5-6
Abbreviations 7-8
MARSHA L. DUTTON, Introduction 9-13
Words from the Archbishop Joris A.O.L. Vercammen  14-16
Words from the Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori 17
Understanding Globalization. Papers from Maarsen NL: November 2006 18-74
ELEUTERIO J. REVOLLIDO, Our Struggle for Life in Its Fullness in the Context of Globalization: A Challenge to Our Catholicity 18-27
PETER-BEN SMIT, Perspectives on Globalization 28-36
FRANZ SEGBERS, See – Judge – Act: The Reality of Globalization as a Sign of the Times 37-51
J. ROBERT WRIGHT, Catholicity and Globalization: A Perspective from the Episcopal Church 52-67
St. Martin’s Statement 68-74
Considering Catholicity. Papers from New York USA: November 2007 75-166
J. ROBERT WRIGHT, “Catholicity” in the Early Church and in the Developing Roman Empire  75-89
PETER-BEN SMIT, The Old Catholic Understanding of Catholicity 90-93
WILFREDO L. RUAZOL, Understanding Catholicity from the Perspective of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente 94-103
WINFRED B. VERGARA, The Catholicity of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines 104-118
ANDERS LINDOW, The Church of Sweden Model of Catholicity 119-125
ELEUTERIO J. REVOLLIDO, The Iglesia Filipina Independiente Responds to the St. Martin’s Statement 126-131
WILLIAM J. DANAHER, JR., Catholicity and Globalization in the Anglican Tradition 131-146
FRANZ SEGBERS, Globalization as the Context for a Theological and Ethical Understanding of Catholicity 147-161
The Good Shepherd Report                                                                                       162-166
A Eucharistic Vision. Papers from Manila RP: August 2008 167-245
DWIGHT Q. DELA TORRE, Globalization and Catholic Transformative Witness: Migration and the Challenges to the Churches 167-183
ELEUTERIO J. REVOLLIDO, Prophetic Voice, Eucharistic Vision, and Martyrdom in Transforming Globalization: An IFI Experience and Perspective 184-197
PETER-BEN SMIT, Food and Fellowship, the Kingdom and the Empire: Biblical and Patristic Perspectives 198-207
FRANZ SEGBERS, A Eucharistic Vision for a World of Hunger 208-222
CODY C. UNTERSEHER, Liturgy in the Context of Globalization: Mediating between the Global and the Local 223-236
The Bishop Ramento Statement 237-242
GODOFREDO J. DAVID, The Cost of Discipleship: A Homily 243-245
Bibliographie 246-260
Contributors 261