Towards Further Convergence: Anglican and Old Catholic Ecclesiologies. The Paper of the Anglican-Old Catholic Theologians' Conference,
Leeds, 29 August – 2 September, 2005.

Edited by Urs von Arx, Paul Avis and Mattijs Ploeger
(Beiheft zu Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift 96; Bern: Stämpfli, 2006)


Contents 3  
URS VON ARX, Preface
MATTIJS PLOEGER, Catholicity, Apostolicity, the Trinity and the Eucharist in the Old Catholic Ecclesiology 7-27  
PAUL AVIS, Anglicanism and Eucharistic Ecclesiology 28-45  
COLIN PODMORE, Collegiality, Conciliarity and Primacy: An Anglican Perspective 46-71  
GÜNTER ESSER, Episcopacy – Conciliarity – Collegiality – Primacy: The Theology and the Task of Episcopacy from an Old Catholic Perspective 72-84  
SARAH AEBERSOLD, The Church Local and Universal 85-101  
J. ROBERT WRIGHT, Anglican and Old Catholic Ecclesiology, both Local and Universal, in Light of the Windsor Report    
JOHN HIND, Unity and Communion, Mystical and Visible    
URS VON ARX, Unity and Communion, Mystical and Visible    
DICK J. SCHOON, Report of the Plenary Discussions    
Schedule of the Conference    
List of Participants